LCR 65

Composer Collection Reimagining the in-wall speaker has been the passion of our engineers who had created the first of its kind decades ago. The Composer LCR Series is the result of starting that process with a blank canvas. Innovative driver configurations combined with hours of critical listening and fine-tuning has resulted in this incredible offering that has raised the bar on the entire category.


DPSD™ Tweeter

This patented tweeter has the greatest output and is able to crossover much lower to either the woofer or the midrange improving both dispersion and the frequency response.

EQ Adjustment

These switches on the baffle allows the adjustment of the output of either the high frequencies or both high and low frequencies to custom tailor the sound based on the proximity ofthe architectural elements of the room

Woofer Cone Materials

Designed from the ground up, we only use the finest materials for our woofers to ensure optimal performance in response with speed and precision

Tool-less Mounting System

The Spring-Lock™ mounting dogs are spring loaded and require only a twist with a thumbnail to have them snap easily and securely into place.

Compression Molded Baskets

These complex baskets that support the woofer cones were computer designed and compression molded with absolute precision allowing for unique support and venting elements to assure peak performance.

X-Wave™ Woofer Surround

This suspension element absorbs unwanted frequencies that reflect up and down the woofer cone to reduce harmonic distortion while maintaining the desired linear travel of the woofer


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