Created to provide a cost effective means of sonically blending composer models and in-ceiling models from the director Collection, these three models round out the collection. Simply selecting a speaker with the same numeric designation from another collection will guarantee the speakers have he same sonic signature.


DPSD™, Silk DPSD™ & Aluminum Tweeter

Featured in the C68 and C66, this patented tweeter has the greatest output and is able to crossover much lower to either the woofer or the midrange improving both dispersion and the frequency response.

Aesthetic Integration

Making speakers meant to be heard and not seen is our passion. Once installed the only visible element is the grille that is magnetically attached to the speaker. The ultra-fine perforation pattern and incredibly thin outer bezel in the Composer Collection hide the speaker and blend discreetly into any décor leaving nothing but an almost imperceptible shadow..

Woofer Cone Materials

Designed from the ground up, we only use the finest materials for our woofers to ensure optimal performance in response with speed and precision.

Sleek & Stylish

Drawing upon the ancient mathematical and artistic Golden Ratio, each of the CIW60 speakers have been designed with a sleek and stylish rectangular profile, making the speakers much more attractive in appearance to the bulky footprint of traditional in-wall speakers. Rather than obstructing the look of accompanying frameless TVs, the CIW60 complements the room with a modern and slim bezel-less frame.


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